Python programs and modules

Set up and configure pywws

pywws.TestWeatherStation Test connection to weather station.
pywws.SetWeatherStation Set some weather station parameters.
pywws.version Display pywws version information.
pywws.Reprocess Regenerate hourly and daily summary data.
pywws.TwitterAuth Authorise pywws to post to your Twitter account
pywws.USBQualityTest Test quality of USB connection to weather station
pywws.EWtoPy Convert EasyWeather.dat data to pywws format

Get data and process it

pywws.Hourly Get weather data, process it, prepare graphs & text files and upload to a web site.
pywws.LiveLog Get weather data, store it, and process it.
pywws.livelogdaemon Run ‘live logging’ as a UNIX daemon.

“Internal” modules

pywws.Tasks Routines to perform common tasks such as plotting gaphs or uploading files.
pywws.LogData Save weather station history to file
pywws.Process Generate hourly, daily & monthly summaries of raw weather station
pywws.calib Calibrate raw weather station data
pywws.Plot Plot graphs of weather data according to an XML recipe
pywws.WindRose Plot a “wind rose”
pywws.Template Create text data file based on a template
pywws.Forecast Predict future weather using recent data
pywws.Upload Upload files to a web server by ftp or copy them to a local directory
pywws.ToTwitter Post a message to Twitter
pywws.toservice Post weather update to services such as Weather Underground
pywws.YoWindow Generate YoWindow XML file
pywws.WeatherStation Get data from WH1080/WH3080 compatible weather stations.
pywws.device_libusb1 Low level USB interface to weather station, using python-libusb1.
pywws.device_pyusb1 Low level USB interface to weather station, using PyUSB v1.0.
pywws.device_pyusb Low level USB interface to weather station, using PyUSB v0.4.
pywws.device_ctypes_hidapi Low level USB interface to weather station, using ctypes to access hidapi.
pywws.device_cython_hidapi Low level USB interface to weather station, using cython-hidapi.
pywws.DataStore - stores readings in easy to access files
pywws.TimeZone Provide a couple of datetime.tzinfo compatible objects representing local time and UTC.
pywws.Localisation - provide translations of strings into local
pywws.conversions - a set of functions to convert pywws native units
pywws.Logger Common code for logging info and errors.
pywws.constants Bits of data used in several places.

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