Regenerate hourly and daily summary data.

This script can also be run with the pywws-reprocess command.

usage: python -m pywws.Reprocess [options] data_dir
options are:
 -h | --help     display this help
 -u | --update   update status on old data to include bits from wind_dir byte
 -v | --verbose  increase number of informative messages
data_dir is the root directory of the weather data

This program recreates the calibrated, hourly, daily and monthly summary data that is created by the pywws.Process module. It should be run whenever you upgrade to a newer version of pywws (if the summary data format has changed), change your calibration module or alter your pressure offset.

The -u (or --update) option is a special case. It should be used when upgrading from any pywws version earlier than 14.02.dev1143. Unlike normal reprocessing, the -u option changes your raw data. You are advised to backup your data before using the -u option.


Reprocess(data_dir, update)
pywws.Reprocess.Reprocess(data_dir, update)[source]

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