Test connection to weather station.

This script can also be run with the pywws-testweatherstation command.

usage: python -m pywws.testweatherstation [options]
options are:
        --help       display this help
 -c   | --change     display any changes in "fixed block" data
 -d   | --decode     display meaningful values instead of raw data
 -h n | --history n  display the last "n" readings
 -l   | --live       display 'live' data
 -m   | --logged     display 'logged' data
 -u   | --unknown    display unknown fixed block values
 -v   | --verbose    increase amount of reassuring messages
                     (repeat for even more messages e.g. -vvv)

This is a simple utility to test communication with the weather station. If this doesn’t work, then there’s a problem that needs to be sorted out before trying any of the other programs. Likely problems include not properly installing the USB libraries, or a permissions problem. The most unlikely problem is that you forgot to connect the weather station to your computer!


raw_dump(pos, data)
pywws.testweatherstation.raw_dump(pos, data)[source]

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