Upload data to Weather Underground.

Weather Underground may be the oldest and best known site gathering data from amateur weather stations.

The internal configuration setting allows you to include indoor temperature and humidity in your uploads.

Note that password is not the password you use to log in to Weather Underground, it’s the Key value shown on your list of devices:

Previous versions of pywws had an extra underground_rf service to use Weather Underground’s “rapid fire” server for frequent uploads. Now the rapid fire server is used automatically for “live” data and the normal server for past data.


ToService(context[, check_params])
class pywws.service.underground.ToService(context, check_params=True)[source]

Bases: pywws.service.CatchupDataService

config = {'internal': ('False', True, None), 'password': ('', True, 'PASSWORD'), 'station': ('', True, 'ID')}
fixed_data = {'action': 'updateraw', 'softwaretype': 'pywws'}
interval = datetime.timedelta(seconds=47)
logger = <Logger pywws.service.underground (WARNING)>
service_name = 'underground'
template = '\n#live#\n#idx "\'dateutc\' : \'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S\',"#\n#wind_dir "\'winddir\' : \'%.0f\'," "" "winddir_degrees(x)"#\n#wind_ave "\'windspeedmph\': \'%.2f\'," "" "wind_mph(x)"#\n#wind_gust "\'windgustmph\' : \'%.2f\'," "" "wind_mph(x)"#\n#hum_out "\'humidity\' : \'%.d\',"#\n#temp_out "\'tempf\' : \'%.1f\'," "" "temp_f(x)"#\n#rel_pressure "\'baromin\' : \'%.4f\'," "" "pressure_inhg(x)"#\n#calc "temp_f(dew_point(data[\'temp_out\'], data[\'hum_out\']))" "\'dewptf\': \'%.1f\',"#\n#calc "rain_inch(rain_hour(data))" "\'rainin\': \'%g\',"#\n#calc "rain_inch(rain_day(data))" "\'dailyrainin\': \'%g\',"#\n'

Context manager factory function for a batch of one or more uploads.

This makes it easy to ensure any resources such as an internet connection are properly closed after a batch of uploads. Use the contextlib.contextmanager() decorator when you implement this method.

For a typical example, see the source code of the pywws.service.openweathermap module. If your upload can’t benefit from a session object yield None, as in pywws.service.copy.

upload_data(session, prepared_data={})[source]

Upload one data set to the service.

Every data service class must implement this method.

  • session (object) – the object created by session(). This is typically used to communicate with the server and is automatically closed when a batch of uploads has finished.
  • prepared_data (dict) – a set of key: value pairs to upload. The keys and values must all be text strings.

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