Run ‘live logging’ as a UNIX daemon.

This script can also be run with the pywws-livelog-daemon command.

usage: python -m pywws.livelogdaemon [options] data_dir log_file start|stop|restart
options are:
 -h      or --help        display this help
 -p file or --pid file    store pid in 'file' (default /run/lock/
 -v      or --verbose     increase amount of logging messages
data_dir is the root directory of the weather data (e.g. ~/weather/data)
log_file is a file to write logging to, e.g. /var/log/pywws.log

Requires the python-daemon library.

If you get a “function() argument 1 must be code, not str” error, try installing python-daemon from PyPI instead of your Linux repos.

For more information on ‘live logging’ see How to set up ‘live’ logging with pywws.





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